Sign Painting Parties

Sign painting Parties are Always so Much Fun!

You and your guests choose a sign design, size, and choose colors from a variety of options. We promise you do not need any prior crafting skills to be a party of this painting party! Just come ready to have fun!

A sign painting party is a great event for corporate gatherings, team building events, sorority events, mother/daughter parties, bridal showers, baby showers, church group gatherings, bachelorette parties, sports team parties, birthday parties of all ages, or a “just because” night with the girls!

No matter what the occasion, a sign painting party is a guaranteed good time!

How it Works

  • First, select a date, time, and location for your party.
  • You will need a minimum of 10 guests in order to host a painting party. Thankfully, there is no max guest limit! You can invite as many friends as you want!

What You Provide

  • Location, tables, and seating enough for all guests
  • Any food and beverages desired

What We Provide

  • All supplies necessary to make the sign (paint, stencils, brushes, etc.)
  • The raw wood for the sign size that you chose
  • Over 75 different sign designs for your guests to choose from! You can also have a customized sign design made for your party ahead of time!
  • Two 6’ tables and 8 chairs to help with additional seating if needed
  • Table coverings to make sure the party area you provide stays paint free
  • A customized Facebook event to provide instructions for guests to reserve their spot at the event as well as select their design. As the host, you will be added as an admin of this event page and will be responsible for inviting your guests to the event as well as ensuring minimum guest requirement is met.



Signs Start at $20 Each

Price is determined by the size of the sign and whether it is framed or not. You can choose a custom sign design for an additional $5 and add a frame for an additional $8.

‘Sign’ Me Up

Reserve your party today! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back with you to work out all the fun details.