5 Ways to Use Fusion Mineral Paints in 2021

by Jan 18, 2021

Fusion Mineral Paints for 2021
With the start of a new year, many people hold high hopes for big lifestyle changes. Maybe your 2021 resolutions include a plan to hit the gym and eat more greens. Or maybe your goals are to spend less time on your phone and drink more water. So while you prepare for your next trip around the sun, don’t forget to also hit the reset button on the products used within your home. Our nontoxic paint, Fusion Mineral Paint, prioritizes your family’s health without compromising durability or aesthetic. Follow along as I share why I use this paint for my DIY projects, and find new ways to use it for your home projects too.

Why is Fusion Mineral Paint a Better Choice?

Your paint selection matters. When other traditional paints are freshly applied, they offgas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air. Think about the strong smell of new paint. Its pungent odor is a cue from your senses that VOCs are releasing. In homes with low ventilation, these toxins can significantly accumulate and cause negative side effects or long term health hazards. This is one of the many reasons why we’re passionate about Fusion Mineral Paint. Its product line removes the worry from your DIY home projects with a Zero VOC formulation. No harmful chemicals. Just beautiful, non-toxic paint that keeps your air clean.

How Do I Use Fusion Mineral Paint in My Home?

We’ve curated a list of five ways to use Fusion Mineral Paint throughout your home in 2021. Life is stressful enough on its own. We’re here to help you remove the guesswork while keeping things healthy and safe for all. Join the movement as we eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins from the air by making healthier product choices with Fusion Mineral Paint.

1 — Update Your Fireplace

Paint your fireplace mantle with Fusion Mineral Paint to achieve a low cost and low prep option that makes a big difference. Here’s a quick tutorial that covers the process. Most likely, your project will only need half a pint of paint. So gather your materials (paint color, brushes, roller, paint tray, sanding pads and Fusion TSP), and begin your fireplace transformation. We have a feeling it will be a stunning addition to your living room!

2 — Paint Your Front Door

A fresh coat of paint on a front door can do wonders for the curb appeal of your home. And while most people assume that Fusion Mineral Paint is strictly for inside jobs, we encourage you to not shy away from exterior home projects too. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you change the look of your home with a few brush strokes. Pro tip: apply thin coats of paint and continue its application until you reach your desired look. Fusion Mineral Paint is self leveling, meaning that it will dry as evenly as possible. So go ahead and create a welcoming entry for your home in 2021 with a bold, new aesthetic.

3 — Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets

Sounds intimidating, right? We promise that it’s simpler than you think. Fusion Mineral Paint gets the job done with full coverage on kitchen cabinets that’s durable and long lasting. But you can’t skip a crucial step. Prep work is a must! Find the how-to here, and remember to remove grease with TSP, and complete a light sanding on all surfaces. Want to hear the best part? You can most likely finalize your kitchen cabinet refresh for around $150. Skip the harsh odors with our nontoxic paint, and select a crisp neutral or a funky hue for this home project. Get started on a kitchen overhaul today!

4 — Paint Your Fabric Chair

You read that right. You can literally paint fabric materials with Fusion Mineral Paint. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to update outdated chairs that need a major style change. When you paint fabric with a high quality paint, the material takes on a new texture. The chair will transform into a soft, leather-like finish. Experiment with different fabrics, and then take the plunge and paint that chair! Follow these steps to bring your Fusion Mineral Paint to the correct consistency with a water dilution, and then begin to DIY. Pro tip: Add wax after you paint for added smoothness.

5 — Design a Feature Wall

A feature wall really sets the mood and creates intrigue in any room. We think the rustic vintage style found in this tutorial is absolutely stunning. Take it up a notch by adding fresco powder to Fusion Mineral Paint for a textured finish. The results are incredible, and we’re swooning over these results. Let those creative juices flow, and transform any wall in your home. The possibilities are endless, and your DIY project is guaranteed to turn heads. So go ahead, and kick off the new year with a bold new design.

We hope this DIY list gives you some fresh ideas for home projects in 2021. Stick with Fusion Mineral Paint as a nontoxic option to keep your air clean. Now start the design process by choosing your colors! From all of us at Goggins Creations, we’re wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

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