7 Cozy Fall Colors

by Oct 2, 2020

fall colors

Welcome to October! I am bursting with excitement for the fall season. We are stacking our porch with pumpkins and fall decor while counting down the days until eggnog hits the shelves. Our family plans to search high and low for the best pumpkin patches and fall festivals in the DFW area while our girls dress in costume—a favorite, annual activity around here. So as the seasons change and fall colors of rust and gold sweep through outdoor spaces, I want to take a moment to reveal our fall color palette with serious DIY potential.

We’ve curated a list of seven cozy colors that will bring boho farmhouse vibes to your autumn projects. These dreamy selections span from a deep cranberry and mustard to a stunning brushed steel metallic. While the shades blend together beautifully, they also contrast in a perfect harmony. I won’t play favorites, but there are some serious winners in this batch. I can vouch that many of these colors stand the test of time and transition well into other seasons.

So here we go. Drumroll, please. Meet our fall color palette featuring Fusion Mineral Paints!

7 Cozy Fall Colors

1 — All About Algonquin

Let’s kick things off with Algonquin! Rumor has it that this color is our most popular deep taupe. It’s a warm neutral that blends with nearly anything, but we’re partial to its inclusion in our fall color palette. Algonquin’s earthy hues are reminiscent of an outdoor landscape shifting from summer to fall. We think it’s the perfect accent to bring balance and tranquility to any color scheme—namaste, Algonquin!

2 — Chic Champness

Let’s talk about Champness. This color channels the tones of sky and sea while keeping our fall color palette cool and calm. See it in action—we recently selected Champness and paired it with a furniture wax to give new life to a vintage chair. Let your DIY creativity flow, and use this color for any project this fall.

3 — Captivating Cranberry

Cranberry is the perfect addition to any fall color palette. Not only does this color transition to winter with ease (hello, Christmas!), but it’s a bold yet muted choice for painting your fall decor. Its coloring makes us think of a crisp day at an apple orchard, and we are here for Cranberry’s autumn vibes.

4 — Memorable Metallics

Hello, Metallic Brushed Steel! We’re ready to shake things up and bring a shimmer to our fall color palette. New to using metallics during fall? Allow us to convince you to try it. It goes without saying that we love neutral and traditional fall colors, but trust us here. When you add a metallic into the mix, magic happens. We suggest testing a thin coat of paint on a blue or grey piece. Give it a try—I think you’ll fall in love!

5 — Moody Midnights

Meet Midnight Blue. This color is an old friend of mine. Let me introduce you to a small sampling of my projects that feature this shade. I’ve used this rich navy for a tall dresser, a wide sideboard/entertainment center, and a beautiful display hutch. There is nothing that this color cannot do! Midnight Blue brings the right balance of traditional and contemporary flare, then marries these styles into one sophisticated shade. Pick this color for fall, and let it stick around for seasons to come.

6 — Modern Mustard

Our Mustard color is packed with personality and lives in the range of warm tones and golden hues. I recently painted with this selection for the first time, and I’m still blown away by the finished product. This is my new go-to choice, and I’m using it everywhere this fall. The boho farmhouse vibes are strong, and we are thrilled to add Mustard to our fall color palette!

7 — Romantic Raw Silk

Raw Silk is a classic choice. It’s the perfect off-white for any project, but we’re partial to it as a fall color. I recently worked with this shade to revamp a bedroom dresser, and it doesn’t disappoint. When used on furniture, this year-round staple sets the stage for any seasonal decor to reside. Choose Raw Silk for the perfect warm white with a slight touch of gray.

As you can see, our fall color palette is highly eclectic, but if neutrals are more your style, make sure to check out Hannah Sharp’s fall tablescape featuring our Fusion Mineral Paints. She’s the queen of cool, peaceful color tones, and we are in love with her fall paint selections.

You can create your own fall color palette by browsing our website or flipping through the Fusion Fan Deck. This tool is a lifesaver for me, and it’s by my side at all times. So go ahead! Grab that furniture piece you’ve wanted to paint for years, and give it a go. One huge benefit is that no top coat is needed with our Fusion Mineral Paints. Seriously. The paint itself has a durable and long lasting finish, so you can rest assured that your hard work isn’t going anywhere. Enjoy perusing our fall color palette, and join us in welcoming the season with open arms. Cheers to DIY made simple with Fusion Mineral Paint!

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