Easy Painted Mason Jar Decoration in 6 Steps

by Jul 4, 2020

Painted Mason Jar Blog

I’ve always loved the look of a painted mason jar. Mason jars are super cute, amazing for food and craft storage, and they make for fantastic decorations! And, on a hot summer day in the South, a mason jar with an ice-cold drink go so well together! For today’s DIY, I’m going to show you how I used Fusion Mineral Paint Twilight Geranium and Metallic Rose Gold to create a wonderful statement piece out of a painted mason jar that you can use as decoration in a variety of ways – and all in just 6 easy steps!

Example of What You’ll Be Making

Painted Mason Jar

What You’ll Need


1. Clean your mason jar with Fusion Mineral Paint TSP Alternative. This is a water-based degreaser which removes fingerprints, stains, oil, grease, and other contaminants. It will improve the adhesion of the paint to your surface! You don’t even have to rinse it off, it’s so easy.

Mason jar cleaned with Fusion Mineral Paint TSP Alternative

2. Grab your StaalMeester Oval #45 and Fusion Mineral Paint Twilight Geranium and start painting! You’ll want to place your hand in the jar and lift it instead of holding the jar from the outside. This will prevent fingerprints on your newly cleaned surface and it will make painting the jar so much easier!

Mason jar painted with Fusion Mineral Paint Geranium

3. Repeat step 2 two more times. After your third coat of paint, let the paint dry.

Mason jar painted with Fusion Mineral Paint Geranium

4. Grab your chip brush and Fusion Mineral Paint Metallic Rose Gold and start painting! This coat is supposed to add shine to your Twilight Geranium, not cover it entirely. Keep this in mind and use light strokes with little paint. You will want to dip your brush into the paint and then remove the excess paint off the brush by wiping it off on a paper. One coat of Metallic Rose Gold should do the trick.

Mason jar painted with Fusion Mineral Paint Mason jar painted with Fusion Mineral Paint

5. Let the paint dry.

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6. You’re all done! All Fusion Mineral Paints have a built-in top coat so there’s no need to add anything on top. Not only that, but Fusion Mineral Paints are waterproof! Feel free to place this cute decoration out on your patio.

FYI: The finished look of this decorative piece will be rustic. If you would like your new decoration to look flawless and not chip, you can apply a very thin coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip before your first coat of paint! This will aid the paint in adhering to the glass and will prevent it from scuffing or chipping if the rustic look isn’t for you.

What did you think? Let us know if you try this DIY Painted Mason Jar Decoration and tag us in the photos of your end product for a chance to be featured on our page.

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  1. Bob Tollison

    What do you have for a new home? Our daughter and son-in-law have just purchased a new home, the first one.

    • Danielle Goggins

      Hey Bob! This is a really popular one for new homeowners. We can put the exact coordinates of their new home and the top part can either be the city in which the home is or we could also put the family name (The Goggins Family for instance) or a short little quote (like Home Sweet Home)

      GPS Coordinates Sign

      Here is another that can be customized with any state

      Home State Sign

      Another that is just a generic Welcome type sign

      Welcome to our Beautiful Chaos

      or we can always do something custom if you have something particular in mind! Just email us at info@gogginscreations.com

      -Danielle Goggins


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