12 Fun & Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

by Apr 21, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide blog
Mothers: they’ve raised us, they’ve support us and somehow, they still love us.

What do you gift the women in your life who are undoubtedly the most important people out there? We have put together a list of 12 fun and unique Mother’s Day gifts so you can show her just how thankful you are for her everlasting patience. From DIY moms to mothers obsessed with tacos, we’re positive you’ll find the perfect gift for those perfect women.

1. A pint of Fusion Mineral Paint in her favorite color ($21.99)

Show her that you actually do listen to her!

Blue Fusion Mineral Paint Lavender Fusion Mineral Paint

2. A sign about Jesus and Coffee, her two true loves ($30)

Coffee and Jesus Wooden Sign

3. A sign reminding her that you gave her those precious grandchildren (Starting at $28)

Grandchildren Wooden Sign

4. A brush (or two) from Staalmeester for her next masterpiece (Starting at $10.99)

Staalmeester Brush

5. A sign for the mom who loves tacos almost as much as she loves Jesus ($65)

Tacos Wooden Sign

6. A customizable sign for all the Mimis, Grammys, Grannys, and Nanas of this world ($32)

Mothers Day Wooden Sign Mothers Day Wooden SignMothers Day Wooden Sign Mothers Day Wood Sign


7. A sign to remind her that you are indeed her greatest blessing (Starting at $35)

Mothers Day Wood Sign

8. A sign for the mom who was blessed with all boys ($32)

Mothers Day Wood Sign

9. Fusion Mineral Paint finishing products to enhance her projects (Starting at $11.99)

Fusion Mineral Paint Product Fusion Mineral Paint Product

10. A sign for the grandma who doesn’t get to be in the same state as her grandkids (Starting at $35)

Grandchildren Wood Sign

11. A customizable sign for the woman who wears multiple hats, and looks great in all of them ($55)

goggins creations 04 05 2019 img 20 nana 1

12. And last but not least, a sign for the woman who knows her worth ($28)

goggins creations 04 27 2019 img 1 1

There you have it! 12 fun and unique Mother’s Day gifts for the fun and unique women in your life. Which sign or Fusion Mineral Paint product will you be gifting this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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